Thornbury Music

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Built for a local music school. Thornbury Music

Godalming War Memorial

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A site to display information about the people named on the War Memorials in Godalming, Surrey. The site is also intended to host information about Godalming during the wars and more general WW1 and WW2 information as provided by local children. Godalming War Memorial

Biggin Hill and District Horticultural Society

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A simple site designed for the Biggin Hill and District Horticultural Society. They will update and maintain it and are handling the hosting themselves. The background comes from one for my own photos, all others were supplied by the society. Biggin Hill and District Horticultural Society

South West Surrey Home Ed

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The home site of a local group of home educating families. Includes a news page which pulls an RSS feed of home ed news, forms for contacting members and a WordPress blog duplicating the style of the main site. I am hosting and maintaining this site. SWSurrey Home Ed

Cudham/Biggin Hill War Memorial

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A simple site to display information about the people listed on the War Memorial at Biggin Hill Green in Kent. It's not the RAF one but the one for the local community. The aim of the project is to put stories and if possible faces to the names on the memorial. Biggin Hill War Memorial

AIIC Portugal Region

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This site was commisioned to give the portugese region of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) their own site. The design is based on the main AIIC site but was recreated using CSS to make it simple enough for the clients to edit content and to make it easier for them to change the design at a later date. I also added a lot of photos and other graphic elements to make it more colourful and personal, more portugese.

We're finally finished with this site and there are a Portuguese and an English version. Any future changes will be down to the Portuguese members.

Gary's Gallery

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A portfolio of the work of painter and photographer Gary Cregan, this site was to replace his old one which was looking very dated. The design brief was pretty much open except for a space limit on his current host and wanting the general organisation of pages to remain the same as on his old site. I went for a simple look using no decorative graphics as the subject matter provides enough colour and I didn't want to detract from that or slow down page loading speeds which were already going to be an issue with so much graphical content.

Within each category page I've used JavaScript to change the displayed image and matching text without loading a new page. If JavaScript is disabled or unavailable the links still work and just load the image into the current window. Not as attractive, but it works.

The use of CSS will make the design easy to change in future, it also makes the individual pages simple for Gary to edit himself as he sells existing paintings and creates new ones (which he's already done).